Best steroid cycle for beginners

Generally, the public blindly believes that taking steroids will automatically make the user become bulky and muscular, which is absolutely wrong. While using any type of steroid, the user along with exact dosage of steroid, he/she must still exercise and must take proper diet. So before starting the use of steroid, it is very vital to know como usar los esteroides or how to use steroids. Building muscles with steroids, for sure takes a lot of hard work and routine discipline.

The main thing that must be followed thoroughly while using steroid is the perfect cycle and dosage. To avoid adverse side effects, users should carefully plan their steroid cycles in advance itself before starting them. Perfect planning of steroid cycle includes learning about como usar los esteroides (how to use steroids) and obtaining the steroids that you will be using in the cycle. Even it is better to have clear idea about stacking. Stacking different steroids is the preferred and effective way to maximize the muscle-building effect of steroids. Besides stacking, you should also know about the supplements that are used to counteract side effects, both during the cycle time and during the post-cycle recovery period as the more number of steroids you stack into your steroid cycle, there is a possibility to counteract more side effects.

There are many ways to cycle the steroids, so it is better to test them all and to make adjustments until you find the exact cycle that works best for you. For beginners, there are additional factors that need to be considered before starting their first cycle. First, you should not take steroids without consulting your doctor and also you should not take steroids unless your body has stopped growing. Generally, for men their body growth stops at the age of 20. So to be in shape, it is better to start steady workout routine from the age of 20. At least after one year of steady workouts, you should be comfortable with your ability to obtain real steroids and the supplements that you may need for their side effects.

There are wide ranges of steroids available in market today, but first-time steroid users must always start with a pure testosterone steroid itself. As testosterone is the active agent in most steroids, first it is vital to know how your body will react to this steroid. Usually, the dosage of 400 mgs per week would be sufficient to notice some results throughout a first cycle. The time period of your first cycle should only be 12 weeks long and it should not exceed it. After finishing your first cycle, you can gradually start stacking more steroids into your cycles depending upon how you receive it. As has been said before, you should keep the first several cycles at 12 weeks and can follow it up with a post-cycle recovery plan. Once your body gets habituated with steroid intake and if you are clear about which compounds work well for your body, you can experiment with some different types of cycles and stacks to see if you can maximize your results, but only with exact dosage and as prescribed by your doctor.

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