How your lifestyle can affect you Telomere Length

Ever since the huge discovery of experts that telomere length testing is one sure way to know if you are at risk of having any health condition. Aside from that, it is also a way for someone to know their biological age, if it coincides with other people who have the same physiology.

Once you know what this can do, finding out the length of your telomere can be a big help since your doctor will now gain some insights or knowledge regarding how your body works. If you have a short telomere length, this can mean that you have a higher risk of getting a serious health condition that you can prevent by changing your unhealthy lifestyle.

Effects of having a Healthy Lifestyle to your Telomeres

A healthy lifestyle can help your body grow stronger and kill those viruses or bacteria that are threatening your body. This also means that your “good cells” are doing their job replicating themselves and strengthening your immune system. Being physically active like exercising (that can benefit your telomeres) and having a proper diet, you are already protecting your telomeres from shortening in a fast pace.

Unhealthy Lifestyle that kills your cells

If you are the type of person who loves to eat processed food or junk food, and smokes all the time, or is always stressed out, then you are putting your cells (including the good ones) in danger. This is proven to shorten a telomere in an abnormally fast pace which results in your cells dying, unable to protect your body any further. This doubles your biological age even in a very young age which can result in death in also a young age. Because of this, patients with short telomeres are advised to change their lifestyle and begin eating healthy food and exercising in order to manage this problem.

How can you measure a telomere length?

By getting a DNA blood test, you can have your telomere length measured by the experts. Telomere length is the best method to date to assess a person’s biological age. For example, while you might be 35 years old according to your birth date, your biological age might actually be 55 due to the length of your telomeres which are obviously short. This can double your mortality rate.

Telomere Score

The telomere length of a person is calculated based on the average length of the telomeres that are present in their white blood cells. After that, their telomere length is compared to the average length of a person in their age group. A longer telomere is desirable because it means that you have younger cells, making your biological age younger than your age on your birth certificate. Taking care of your health does that.

Long Telomere Length can mean one important thing

It means that you are not in danger of having a serious health condition because your body (or your cells) is fighting off bad bacteria and diseases. Although there are some exceptions, making sure that your body and health are in good shape can be enough.

Having this test can give you an idea of how bad or good is the state of your body in right now. Always make sure that you are eating your greens and by not putting your body in danger can be a sure way for your cells to replicate without a hitch.

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