IGF-1 – hormones and test

The medical technology has been enhanced to a greater extent. There are different types of drugs, treatments, tests and diagnosis for various diseases. IGF-1 test is one such test which is done in order to know about the growth hormone. Basically it is preferred in order to point out the deficiency of growth hormones. People who have abnormal growth of hormone tend to undergo this test in order to know about the level of hormones and to treat the deficiency in the right way. This article will help in knowing about the IGF-1 in better.


This is a hormone that combines along with the growth hormone in order to support normal growth of body cells and tissues. Basically this test will be done along with GH. This test can also be taken while taking the test for pituitary hormone. This is because by taking this test, the pituitary function can be easily evaluated. With the help of this test, the malfunctioning of the pituitary gland can be pointed out easily. The best example is the pituitary tumor can be easily pointed out from this test. Thus, after this test, if surgery is needed it will be carried out.

When to take?

There are many people who have confusions in when to take this test. In such case, they can also consult the help of the medical experts in order to take this test at the right time. Basically the children who are suffering from the problems of growth hormone will be subjected to this test. This is because knowing about the level of growth hormone is more important to start the treatment for the victim. Children who have the problem of gigantism will also be exposed to this test. This test will also be done regularly for several years in order to track the condition of the victim and to precede the treatment in a right way.

When to draw blood?

This test will be done by taking the blood samples of the victims. Hence many people have doubt in when to draw the blood for test. Once if the test is done and if the IGF-1IGF-1 DES(1-3) peptide is taken, it may consume few weeks to realize the test. One can execute the next test by leaving certain interval of time. This will help them to realize the efficiency of the peptide in real time.


There are several benefits which can be enjoyed through taking IGF-1IGF-1 DES(1-3) peptide. People who are in need of big muscle gain can make use of this peptide without any constraint. Apart from these, they can be used for several other medical needs.  In order to know about their uses and benefits in detail, IGF-1 DES(1-3) peptide guide can be referred. This guide will be available in online. The most important aspect to be remembered is they must be taken in right form and in right dosage in order to avoid unwanted side effects. This is a caution especially for the beginners.

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