Key reasons to visit an orthodontist

If you’ve never been to an orthodontist before it can be difficult to know where to start and what to look for in the right orthodontist for you. Before you start researching, start with your location.

If you live in Sydney, searching online for an orthodontist in Sydney is the first place to start. Once you have done that, you can start looking at other factors such as payment plans, experience and other deciding factors specific to your needs.

Your orthodontist in Sydney should be able to give you an initial consultation, an initial discussion and provide you with the next steps from there.

Here are key reasons to visit an orthodontist and how they may be able to help with your dental issue.

They are specialised dental professionals

These types of medical professionals specialise in the treatment of teeth alignment, bites and jaws. Unlike a dentist who also works on dental care and your teeth, they are specialised in the deeper issues when it comes to crooked teeth. For example, a GP may give be able to provide you with an initial test and treatment plan if you have an eyesight problem, but the person to see would be an optometrist who is specialised in this field. This is a similar case in the dental world.

An orthodontist would have done further university study on top of doing their degree in dentistry to give them that specialist knowledge. They also only focus on these types of jaw and alignment treatments, giving them more practical experience to deal with the issue at hand. They have seen different types of crooked teeth and misplacement of jaws to understand what your speicifc condition in and the right treatment plan.

Looking after your teeth and smile

Almost every day, whether we are at work, at the gym, the supermarket or any other daily activity, most of us at some point will smile at someone when we acknowledge, greet or thank them. Therefore protecting your smile is one of the best things we can do for our social interactions and of course our confidence.

However, it’s not only about the physical attractiveness of a smile. Looking after your teeth can protect your gums, jaw alignment and limit any jaw associated pain, such as tension headaches.

Health benefits

As briefly mentioned, there is more to looking after your smile and teeth then just what’s on the outside and what people see. There are also ranges of physical and mental benefits to protecting your teeth.

When we have misplaced bites and misaligned teeth, this can cause pain and discomfort over time. Also, it can also impact daily activities such as chewing, speaking and breathing. Damaged teeth can also impact gums, which can lead to a range of other health issues. One of the biggest issues is TMJ disorder, which can see individuals live with consistent pain and discomfort ranking from neck and shoulder pain, to severe headaches and jaw aches from teeth clenching and grinding.

Finding the treatment that suits you

When most people think about visiting a dental professional, they think of scary looking braces that are heavy and may not be very nice on the eye. However, today’s dental treatments are a lot less invasive.

For example, there are ways of straightening teeth that don’t involve braces and also there is the treatment of invisible braces. Whatever your treatment plan, you can be rest assured that the best training and treatment plan will be provided to you.

Protecting the dental health of your children

It is recommended that children that do have crooked teeth to start visiting an orthodontist by the time they are 7 years old. This is because the younger a dental professional can start working on the problem, the easier and most likely it will be that the issue can be corrected.

Waiting until a child is a teenager can sometimes lead to more invasive type treatments to be used, which can lead to children not wanting to correct the problem and letting it go. The younger a child can come in, get a diagnosis and treatment plan, the easier it will be to stop any ongoing problems in the future.

Even if problems are only minor, such as a slight bite misplacement, tackling the issue head on will stop it from becoming a bigger health concern as they enter adulthood.

So, when considering an orthodontist, remember that there are some great key reasons why you should take that step including knowing that you will be specialised hands, you are protecting your smile, health benefits and safeguarding your children from any future issues.

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