Simple Bootcamp Workouts for Women

Everyone is concerned about their health. Be it getting rid of the excessive fats or build the core and muscles, people are looking up at the Body Buster Boot Camp North York. The best part about any bootcamp work routine is that it keeps the people on their toes. There will never be a dull moment. Each workout is rigorous and extremely effective. However, it is important that one considers the gender, age, and other health conditions before getting into it. Additionally, one has to be extremely careful during instructions. If you miss the trick, you will not benefit from the workout. On the other hand, you might end hurting yourself.

When it comes to women, there are interesting challenges that they can work on. Below discussed are few of them:

Prisoner’s Squat:

You need to keep your feet slightly wider than the shoulders. Gently place the fingers at the back of your head. Make sure your elbows are back. Slowly bend at the knees and hips. Try to maintain a parallel position for your thighs with the ground. Hold the position as much as you can. Return to your standing posture. Do a minimum of 15 rounds for better results. This is the most favorite routine in bootcamps for weight loss.

Push-Up at Elevation:

The regular pushups can be boring and hence you should try this version of fitness bootcamp. In this one, you need to keep your hands on the block or a thick book. Inhale and bend your elbows. Slowly lower your chest and try to go towards the ground. While coming back exhale and straighten your arms. Ideally, you should begin with a minimum of 2 reps on each side. As you improve, you can hit at least 6 reps each side.

Diagonal Lunges:

Keep your feet apart. They should be as wide as your hip. Carefully move out your right leg diagonally. It should be wider than the right hip. Slowly bend your knees as you would do while doing lunges. Hold for few seconds and come back to the straight posture. Make sure you are careful while bending your knees as you would not want to hurt them. Do 10 rounds of lunges on each side for better results. Any weight loss boot camp will ask you to add kettlebell for strength and core building.

Sumo Squats:

Spread your legs apart and point your toes in the outward direction. Now slowly bend your knees. Make sure your thighs are parallel to the floor and the knees are not hurting. Hold the position as long as you can. Come back to your original position. Add a kettlebell by holding it with your hands stretched out. You should be completing 15 reps on each side to make the most from such bootcamp workouts.

Even the simplest form of weight loss boot camp workout can give you the best results. But, one has to be determined in achieving the aim. Also, there should be regularity in the practice to get the best results.

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