The right solution to growth hormone deficiency

A human growth hormone produced through recombinant DNA technology, Saizen is used to promote regeneration and development. Children and adults with deficiency in growth hormones and other related complications benefit from the use of this component without incurring any major negative impacts. This injectable supplement aids in the growth process when the body is unable to produce sufficient growth hormones on its own. It is a type of growth hormone replacement therapy and can only be undertaken with the help of an authorized prescription only. The structure of this externally applied growth hormone is similar to the natural growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland.

It stimulates the body for proper growth of skeletal muscles, increases the size and number of the skeletal muscle cells, and directly affects the metabolic activity of the body and influence the normal functioning of the internal organs. In the early 2000 it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration Authority in the US for the treatment of patients suffering from growth hormone deficiency provided they satisfy certain criteria. Adults having such deficiency either alone or in combination with multiple hormonal imbalances like hypopituitarism resulting out of surgery, radiation therapy, trauma or hypothalamus disease and child patients who suffer growth hormone deficiency due to acquired, genetic or congenital problems are approved for such treatment.

Precautionary measures to ensure safe administration

There are certain precautionary measures which should be followed by every user of growth hormone supplements to ensure safe and hassle-free application. It should not be prescribed for children if growth plates have closed and on certain specific individuals suffering from some listed ailments to avoid the occurrence of negative impacts on the body such as a person suffering from critical illness, serious injuries, various respiratory ailments or surgery. Those suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome and having problems of sleep apnea should be kept away from the use of this supplement. Individuals suffering from cancer, allergic problems or eye ailments caused by diabetes should refrain from its use.

The concerned physician will closely monitor the changes and effects on the body resulting from a continuous application of the same and will take necessary measures by titrating the dosage intake accordingly.Users presently under any other medication should immediately disclose the same to the concerned doctor as it might have a direct impact on the normal functioning of the component. Females who are nursing or pregnant or expecting a baby should take proper medical suggestion before its consumption. Breast-feeding ladies should refrain from its use as there is a significant risk of the same passing to the system of the baby through breast milk.

Precautions during improper dosage

For those users who have missed a dose of this supplement should immediately take the missed dose or get in touch with the concerned physician. An individual should never be prescribed such component if growth plates have closed as it can result in severe impacts on the metabolic activity of the body along with other severe impacts. In case of overdose,it is advised to take immediate medical help or make a visit to the nearest hospital or clinic.

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