What Are Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are the steroids with the synthetic form of the testosterone. It consists of common androgens like testosterone and other hormones producing same effects like the testosterone. The anabolic steroids are also called as androgens and anabolic steroids or AAS. The anabolic steroids are the artificial products used for the development of male sex hormones. The person having issues in obstructing adolescence and low testosterone levels prefer the anabolic steroids for solving those problems. The doctors also prescribe the people in these conditions. The anabolic steroids are used in building the muscles and bones powerful. The anabolic steroid use give the ultimate support to the genetic defects or expressions normally.

Use of AAS

The anabolic androgens steroids are used commonly by the body builders and athletes. The anabolic steroids are for body building. The people generally prefer them as they are also helpful in shedding off fat and water retention in the body. If proper diet and exercise is followed with the use of steroids then you may have strong and hard muscles. The steroid supplements are available in the online or anywhere. These are taken without a prescription. The anabolic steroids have two types of cycles. Cutting and bulking cycles. The bulking cycles are the cycles used for taking anabolic steroid supplements for body building and large muscles and increase muscle mass. The cutting cycles are used for taking the anabolic steroid supplements for developing lean muscles with mass and get a cut look. These both cycles are preferred for reducing fat content in the body. These steroids are helpful for increasing protein in the cells for body. As the proteins are needed for the increase of blood cells in the body, the athletes and body builders use the anabolic steroid supplements containing for the development of protein in the body. These are available as protein shakes and drinks and in many more. The protein increase is important for the energy and strength for the body. There are many anabolic steroid supplements like Anadrol, winstrol, Dianabol etc for body building. These anabolic steroids are called as performance enhancing supplements in sports and body building. The anabolic steroid use has many side effects too.

Anabolic steroids are legal

The steroids taken which are prescribed by doctor are called as legal steroids. As the steroid supplements are available in the market and taken without a prescription. These steroids are called as illegal steroids. The side effects of the anabolic steroids are like kidney inflammation, fragile bones, diarrhea, insomnia and body irritating and many more. The anabolic steroids should be taken in low levels of dosage. The people who are not body builders or normal people should have good knowledge of steroids before taking it.  The steroids are harmful for health it is better to consult a doctor to know which steroids are suitable for you. There may changes in the body during the cycles while taking steroids. Then consult a doctor in making the changes of the dosage for supplements.

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